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Articles and Press Releases from the auto-id industries.

Latest Articles

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What is RFID (Radio Frenquency and Identification)?


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Latest Press Release

Everest Software Releases Version 3.0 of Leading Business Management Software

SATO rolls out its eSeries printers, now XML-enabled and certified for integration with SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure

Easy Barcode Creator 2.0 gains new features

BarcodeResource is the place for you to get the latest information on barcode, RFID and inventory tracking. Our site hosts information that includes specifications, articles and press releases contributed by different auto-id companies. We aim to provide and equip you with the necessary knowledge to learn and gain knowledge on this industry.

We also provide the following free services to companies and individuals in the auto-id industry.
  • Barcode Resource CD - This is a CD that contains a collection of barcode, RFID and inventory resources. It includes specifications, articles and evaluation copies of barcode software and fonts from different companies. The entire CD contents will be available free via download. Alternatively a CD-ROM can be purchased from us.

    Software vendors are welcomed to contact us to get their software evaluated and placed into the CD. We placed significant emphasis on the relevance and quality of the CD.

    Click here to find out more about the Barcode Resource CD Project.

  • We have a list of relevant editors and companies who are interested in knowing about the latest happenings in the auto-id industry. For press releases that we receive and accept, we will forward them to the relevant editors and companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interesting press release. Relevant industry editors are also welcomed to contact us to be placed into our recipient database.

  • We also host articles contributed by companies that explain the benefits and usage of barcodes, RFID and inventory tracking.

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